Sunday, May 29, 2011

GD: Lesson 19 Class Notes

Luke 18:1-8 - The Unjust Judge
What is the Savior trying to teach?
- If an unjust judge would avenge the woman's adversary, then God, who is just would answer saints' prayers.
- Pray always and faint not - faith.
- Shall he find faith on Earth - Joseph B. Wirthlin, October 2002
- connection between faith and persistence
- look for pattern in scriptures: to go again, go back again

FAITH: again, action, experience - enduring
- confidence, action, conforming to the will of the Lord
- again; strips away our temporal dependancies, allowing us to rely wholly on the Lord

Luke 18:35-43 - The Blind Man
- Focus on desire, yearning of blind man
- he asked what the commotion was
- once he knew Jesus was there, he cried out
- some tried to silence him, but he cried out more
- he could have begged with the lots of people, but he didn't.  he asked for his sight.

Luke 19:1-10 - Zaccheus The Publican
- Zaccheus wants to see the Savior, climbs a tree
- Christ calls him down; dines at his house
- deals differently with Zaccheus than with young rich man

John 11 at Bethany
- home of his friends Mary, Martha and Lazarus
- Lazarus is sick; they send for Jesus
- two days pass - Lazarus dies
- Jesus to "prove" his power - others healed, but now it is certain this man is dead
- Martha believed - knew Jesus could have saved him
- Jesus asks her to move stone - 'he stinketh' - 'said I not unto thee' - then she moved stone - Mary believed

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