Friday, June 24, 2011

GD: Lesson 23 Class Notes

How has/does God love us?
- He gave his son - sacrifice

Hoe does Christ love us?
- knelt in garden
- honor, obedience, humility, submission, reverence

- sacrifice and obedience
How do these bring about divine love?
- service to family

As a young boy, love was when something done for you - receiving.
As a missionary and young adult, love was different; meant service to others - our initiative to help others.
As a husband, love of spouse - profound, deep.
As a father, love of child and children is deep - immense desire for them to be happy.

Sister Fishcher told of story of her son.  While on his mission, he fasted for two weeks so he could use his food money to help a family who needed the food.

Love - the moment of becoming a father or mother.  This is God's design that we experience being parents.  To break this decision is to go against God.

He didn't stop at families.  He said love thy neighbor; love thy enemies.

Upon these hang the laws and prophets.

John 17:24-26 - Christ is our advocate.  We must become like Christ, therefore we must be an advocate for those people who are around us.
- Serve - pray - teach - sacrifice - blessed - ordinances.

Do we pray for those we serve by name?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

GD: Lesson 22 Class Notes

Matt 25:1-13 The Ten Virgins
- bridegroom = savior
- virgins = members of the Church
- wedding = Second Coming
- oil = readiness, preparation and testimony of the members of the Church

Degrees of Preparation
- prepare for the big stuff, but not the perishables
- prepare for war, hope for a battle

Aesop - Ant & Grasshopper

How We Are Not Deceived
D&C 45:56-57 heard and did
- you can't share your covenants and your actions - they belong only to you.
- will you be able to say 'I shared with you as much as I could?'

President Kimball 1978
The oil of family prayer, of fasting, of word of wisdom
- home service - visits to the sick, HT, VT
- temple ordinances

Parable of the Talents
5 + 5 = 10 + 1 = 11
2 + 2 = 4
1 + 0 = 1 - 1 = 0
- servants = us
- talents = our talents, whatever God has given us
- reward = rule of many things
? can talents also be our trials?  opportunities to serve?

Sheep & Goats
- Yom Kippur
- scape goat

Take what is given you and develop it

Saturday, June 11, 2011

GD: Lesson 21 Class Notes

What Shall be the Sign of Thy Coming?

JS Matt 1:1-2
- temple at Jerusalem be destroyed
- in 70 AD Jerusalem and temple destroyed
- millions killed and carried away captive

First Time "Christ will come"
Second Time "Christ will come"

We won't see him until we say "we believe" (verse 1)

- false prophets; Jews scattered, earthquakes, darkness
- love of man will wax cold

Why Signs?
- Lord warns before acts - look to him
- we won't / don't know when our end is.  There is always a need to prepare ie 10 Virgins
- when Matt 14 takes place, it's about 48 hours before atonement
- he goes to Mt of Olives and is transfigured

JS Matt 1:5-15
- they come in my name - people claim authority
- "the Lot principal" - just get out, don't go back to get anything
- the very elect of the covenant are deceived
- member of the Church who have been to the temple
- members who are not deceived are those who treasure up the wod of God - verse 37
- 1st 3 questions of temple recommend are not about worthiness, but are about our testimony
- can we?  do we? turn scriptures, tithing, temple, prayer into our own Rameumptoms - Pharisee?
- people fall out of the Church like they fall out of bed - they fall out because they didn't get in far enough!
- we cannot become comfortable, we must take comfort
- faith without works is death - our "lists"
- works without faith is death
- we need to change our hearts

Christ reserves right to baptize with fire

Lists are gold, but we need to check our hearts.

v. 41-43 - business as usual until the rains came
ark = covenant

Get in the boat, stay in the boat.

Heart = desire --> leads to actions
- the lists are practice for insistent desires

* the teacher drew a picture of a 'personal Rameumpton' where we build ourselves up with our 'lists' of keeping the commandments and doing what is right.  The tower is built up with lists; with us standing on top.