Friday, June 24, 2011

GD: Lesson 23 Class Notes

How has/does God love us?
- He gave his son - sacrifice

Hoe does Christ love us?
- knelt in garden
- honor, obedience, humility, submission, reverence

- sacrifice and obedience
How do these bring about divine love?
- service to family

As a young boy, love was when something done for you - receiving.
As a missionary and young adult, love was different; meant service to others - our initiative to help others.
As a husband, love of spouse - profound, deep.
As a father, love of child and children is deep - immense desire for them to be happy.

Sister Fishcher told of story of her son.  While on his mission, he fasted for two weeks so he could use his food money to help a family who needed the food.

Love - the moment of becoming a father or mother.  This is God's design that we experience being parents.  To break this decision is to go against God.

He didn't stop at families.  He said love thy neighbor; love thy enemies.

Upon these hang the laws and prophets.

John 17:24-26 - Christ is our advocate.  We must become like Christ, therefore we must be an advocate for those people who are around us.
- Serve - pray - teach - sacrifice - blessed - ordinances.

Do we pray for those we serve by name?

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