Saturday, June 11, 2011

GD: Lesson 21 Class Notes

What Shall be the Sign of Thy Coming?

JS Matt 1:1-2
- temple at Jerusalem be destroyed
- in 70 AD Jerusalem and temple destroyed
- millions killed and carried away captive

First Time "Christ will come"
Second Time "Christ will come"

We won't see him until we say "we believe" (verse 1)

- false prophets; Jews scattered, earthquakes, darkness
- love of man will wax cold

Why Signs?
- Lord warns before acts - look to him
- we won't / don't know when our end is.  There is always a need to prepare ie 10 Virgins
- when Matt 14 takes place, it's about 48 hours before atonement
- he goes to Mt of Olives and is transfigured

JS Matt 1:5-15
- they come in my name - people claim authority
- "the Lot principal" - just get out, don't go back to get anything
- the very elect of the covenant are deceived
- member of the Church who have been to the temple
- members who are not deceived are those who treasure up the wod of God - verse 37
- 1st 3 questions of temple recommend are not about worthiness, but are about our testimony
- can we?  do we? turn scriptures, tithing, temple, prayer into our own Rameumptoms - Pharisee?
- people fall out of the Church like they fall out of bed - they fall out because they didn't get in far enough!
- we cannot become comfortable, we must take comfort
- faith without works is death - our "lists"
- works without faith is death
- we need to change our hearts

Christ reserves right to baptize with fire

Lists are gold, but we need to check our hearts.

v. 41-43 - business as usual until the rains came
ark = covenant

Get in the boat, stay in the boat.

Heart = desire --> leads to actions
- the lists are practice for insistent desires

* the teacher drew a picture of a 'personal Rameumpton' where we build ourselves up with our 'lists' of keeping the commandments and doing what is right.  The tower is built up with lists; with us standing on top.

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