Sunday, April 24, 2011

GD: Lesson 14 Class Notes

Matt 18:1, Mark 9:33-34, Matt 18:2-4, Matt 18:6

Matt 18:21
D&C 64:8-10

Mosiah 4:16-19

The natural man will compare and rank.  Even in the animal kingdom, there is an 'alpha.'

As a child ...
- confidence, but not 'I am better'
- they acknowledge there is a higher power
- trust, teachable - pure as a child

1) Conversion to the Gospel and 2) Humilty

18: 6 - children and people new in the Gospel

18:21 how often do I need to forgive?

Disciples asked questions.  We need to be thinking, pondering and asking questions too.

D&C 64:8-10 forgive always - in your heart.  The Lord asks: how many times do you want me to forgive you?

We are the unmerciful servant.

Don't withold your forgiveness


Atonement can help us forgive by healing our wounds.

God's plan is a plan of happiness.  This is another ingredient to gaining happiness.

* the priest/father in Les Miserables

Sunday, April 17, 2011

GD: Lesson 13 Class Notes

What is the most important decision you have made or will make?
- college/career
- marriage/family
- to know Christ - the receiving of revelation

Matt 16:13

John 17:3
Eternal life = to know Jesus Christ

REVEALING - all the talks today in sacrament meeting talked about a desire to know.  They talked about how it was then revealed to them.

Sean Masters (farewell) - all his life he was taught and believed that if you lied, your nose would grow or that if you wished upon a star, your wish would come true; that Jesus died and lived again.  Soon he understood what was true and what was a fairy tale.  Later, he went through a rebellious stage - around the age of 16.  One day he was in a temple interview with Brother Jeff Dean.  Sean admired Jeff because Jeff played the guitar.  Jeff asked Sean if he wanted to serve a mission.  In his mind Sean was saying no, but his mouth was saying 'maybe'.  From then on, he had a desire to serve a mission.  He read the Book of Mormon.  He prayed about it.  He felt good as he prayed about the Book of Mormon ... "the greatest feeling in the world."

Moses 1:39 God wants us to win - to make it.

Matt 16:16 rock = revelation
:19 the key to revelation for the church

Talk from Elder Bednar in April 2011 General Conference (The Spirit of Revelation).
Paragraph 5: Holy Ghost = revelator

We have a decision to make: are we going to seek revelation or not?

Paragraph 12: line upon line (Sean's talk) - the time wasn't right and then it was.

Why line upon line?

Example of Elder Scott - he asks, writes it down, then asks: is there more?  He writes more down and asks: is there more ... repeats.

DESIRE: To know it as God knows it and to do it as God does it.

BoM: hard heart, see angel, did not change

Ether 12:6 no witness until after the trial of faith.

Steven Moore - was going to Church and seminary, etc ... but it was just in case it was true.  "Covering bases" vs. actual knowledge

searching ... studying ... searching ... studying ... I need to do this ... I need to do the work.

Helaman 5:12 - why do you need to know Christ?  So you don't get knocked off; so you don't thwart the work of God

Sunday, April 10, 2011

GD: Lesson 12 Class Notes

John 5:1-16
- Jesus healed man on the sabbath
:17 my father worketh hitherto and I work

Scribes and Pharisees were stuck on the Law.

:28-29 while studying these verses, Joseph and Sidney Rigdon received vision of three degrees of glory (D&C 76).

:31-39 John, God, the scriptures, all testify of Christ - also of Christ's works.  Search the scriptures.

John 6 - feeds the 5000

:1-14 someone brought bread and fish.  There was an offering and Christ multiplied it.

Matt 14:23-33 Christ walks on water.  Peter doubted, but he did step out of the boat.

John 6:27 labor for meat that endures.

work of God = believe in God