Sunday, April 24, 2011

GD: Lesson 14 Class Notes

Matt 18:1, Mark 9:33-34, Matt 18:2-4, Matt 18:6

Matt 18:21
D&C 64:8-10

Mosiah 4:16-19

The natural man will compare and rank.  Even in the animal kingdom, there is an 'alpha.'

As a child ...
- confidence, but not 'I am better'
- they acknowledge there is a higher power
- trust, teachable - pure as a child

1) Conversion to the Gospel and 2) Humilty

18: 6 - children and people new in the Gospel

18:21 how often do I need to forgive?

Disciples asked questions.  We need to be thinking, pondering and asking questions too.

D&C 64:8-10 forgive always - in your heart.  The Lord asks: how many times do you want me to forgive you?

We are the unmerciful servant.

Don't withold your forgiveness


Atonement can help us forgive by healing our wounds.

God's plan is a plan of happiness.  This is another ingredient to gaining happiness.

* the priest/father in Les Miserables

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