Sunday, April 17, 2011

GD: Lesson 13 Class Notes

What is the most important decision you have made or will make?
- college/career
- marriage/family
- to know Christ - the receiving of revelation

Matt 16:13

John 17:3
Eternal life = to know Jesus Christ

REVEALING - all the talks today in sacrament meeting talked about a desire to know.  They talked about how it was then revealed to them.

Sean Masters (farewell) - all his life he was taught and believed that if you lied, your nose would grow or that if you wished upon a star, your wish would come true; that Jesus died and lived again.  Soon he understood what was true and what was a fairy tale.  Later, he went through a rebellious stage - around the age of 16.  One day he was in a temple interview with Brother Jeff Dean.  Sean admired Jeff because Jeff played the guitar.  Jeff asked Sean if he wanted to serve a mission.  In his mind Sean was saying no, but his mouth was saying 'maybe'.  From then on, he had a desire to serve a mission.  He read the Book of Mormon.  He prayed about it.  He felt good as he prayed about the Book of Mormon ... "the greatest feeling in the world."

Moses 1:39 God wants us to win - to make it.

Matt 16:16 rock = revelation
:19 the key to revelation for the church

Talk from Elder Bednar in April 2011 General Conference (The Spirit of Revelation).
Paragraph 5: Holy Ghost = revelator

We have a decision to make: are we going to seek revelation or not?

Paragraph 12: line upon line (Sean's talk) - the time wasn't right and then it was.

Why line upon line?

Example of Elder Scott - he asks, writes it down, then asks: is there more?  He writes more down and asks: is there more ... repeats.

DESIRE: To know it as God knows it and to do it as God does it.

BoM: hard heart, see angel, did not change

Ether 12:6 no witness until after the trial of faith.

Steven Moore - was going to Church and seminary, etc ... but it was just in case it was true.  "Covering bases" vs. actual knowledge

searching ... studying ... searching ... studying ... I need to do this ... I need to do the work.

Helaman 5:12 - why do you need to know Christ?  So you don't get knocked off; so you don't thwart the work of God

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