Sunday, July 3, 2011

GD: Lesson 24 Class Notes

Holy Ghost
- bears witness - teaches - testifies of Christ
- John 16:1-15
- Oaks: Holy Ghost leads sincere seekers to repentance

-John 16:13-15
- HG guides to all truth; shows us things that are to come; glorifies the Savior

John 17 The Intercessory Prayer
- Jesus stands between us and God and intercedes

To know God and Jesus Christ
- to have a personal relationship with them
- it is a transformative relationship; it unlocks his power in our lives
- we know him by keeping the commandments
- the degree we know them is the degree that we act like them.

John 17:4-8
- reported to God what he had done
- do we return and report in our prayers?

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