Sunday, July 10, 2011

GD: Lesson 25 Class Notes

Mark 14:32-42
- watch, sleep, rest, temptation
- what was Savior feeling?  Heavy - surprised - awestruck at the weight
- shrink not - to not back off or pull away
- this is what he was sent to do - the full measure of his creation

Matt 26:36-46
- He asked his friends to watch - to stay awake - to watch and pray
- Where are we asked to watch?
- to live the gospel
- to watch and listen to the sacrament (prayers)
- how: repenting and remembering
- watch = remember - stay awake - pay attention - to not be pre-occupied
- watch = desire

Watch and Pray least you fall into Temptation
- temptation from what?
- physical weakness
- they needed to stay awake and witness because they were special witnesses of Christ

Physical vs. Spiritual
- your physical bodies are going to give you warnings --> watch!
- Christ: "watch me. watch what I do"

My side note: Desire - does it have to build to be strong enough to overcome the physical weakness?  Do we get find we are giving too much ground, that we get to a point that our desire to not give in in finally strong enough to overcome?

Why did he ask the cup to pass?
- it had to be the will of the Father
- "I love my father so much, I take this cup" DESIRE
- the Savior goes back to the bitter cup three times.
- his love/desire for his father is what caused him to shrink not

Is your faith strong enough to have the cup NOT removed?

Alma 7:11-12
- pains, afflictions & temptations
- sickness
- death
- infirmities

It is worth it.

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