Sunday, May 8, 2011

GD: Lesson 16 Class Notes

John 9-10

Feast of the tabernacle - lights

9:1-7 Jesus heals the blind man
Disciples: who sinned?  Why did they ask this?  It was part of the culture - an eye for an eye.

Look at this story from each of the participant's point of view.
Blind Man

Jesus declares to blind man I am the light.

This blind man was at the end of his rope; he now knew and found purpose in his life - to be the one that is shown the Glory of God.

Pharisees did not believe.

Parents were kind of wishy-washy.

Blind Man - I know I was blind and now I'm not.  I told you already - he declares his discipleship.  Christ had opened his spiritual eyes.

Bear your testimony and it will be revealed to you.

The Large and Spacious building is getting louder; we are all the blind man.  We must arrive at the same conclusion the blind man arrived at.

Humility in all things.  Ordinances are to help us be humble so that we can successfully come to Christ.

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