Monday, January 31, 2011

JTC: Chapter 10 Commentary

There were a few quotes that stood out in this chapter.

On page 123 with regard to the 2nd temptation of Jesus, Talmage says, "Satan tempted Jesus to tempt the Father.  It is as truly a blasphemous interference with the prerogatives of Deity to set limitations or make fixations of time or place at which the divine power shall be made manifest as it is to attempt to usurp that power.  God alone must decide when and how His wonders shall be wrought."

I think this is as good an explanation as any to those who would ask "Where is God in the world when there is so much suffering?"  God alone knows what is best for us - we should never presume to think we know better or what's best.

Another line that stood out was "triumph over the cravings of the flesh."  How wonderful it would be to triumph over the cravings of this flesh.  If one can control one's hunger, then I think one gains greater control over the cravings of the flesh.  A regular diet of fasting is healthy not only for the body, but for the spirit.

Lastly - what can we learn from the temptations of Jesus?  How can we apply these scriptures to our lives?

All must be tempted in all points.  This life is indeed a test.  If we view it in that paradigm, then we begin to view our challenges in a different light.  We will fail.  But what will we do after our failure is what is important.  Will we get back up and try again?  Or will we dis-engage and wallow?

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