Thursday, December 30, 2010


I want to follow along and participate in the weekly Gospel Doctrine class at church.  But I also want to follow the course study of Religion 211 class from when I was at BYU.

As a side note, I took Religion 212 (2nd half of NT) from Frank Judd Jr.  I enjoyed that class and his method of teaching so much, I talked with him extensively about how I should go about studying the Gospels.  I ended up downloading his study guide from 211 as well as refereneces.

So this blog will cover two aspects of my New Testament studies: 1) the study guide and reading schedule from Dr. Frank Judd's class and 2) the study guide from the Church as well as the notes Brother Pierson in our ward sends out via email.

Most often, any single post will be focused on just one of the two study tracks.  I'll post  R211 (or R212) or GD in the post title to differentiate which track the post is about.

If I were to guess, I'd say I'd be finished with the R211 track around May or June; I would then begin studying from the R212 study guide.  It looks like the GD course will finish the Gospels around June or July.

As for content; for the R211/212 tracks, I'll be reading and studying defintions from the Bible Dictionary, reading and commenting on each of the Gospels, posting links and commenting on articles from the Ensign and generally providing my own insight.

For the GD track, I'll answer the questions posed in the study guide and emails.  I'm also going to try to take notes in class and post those as well.

I think if I do all of the above, I'll have a rich scripture study experience this year.

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